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Byuksan Corporation made its debut in Korea’s construction and building materials industry by the name of Korea State Engineering Co., Ltd. Ever since its foundation, Byucksan has produced and distributed a wide range of building materials as a comprehensive maker and leading company in the industry.

Today we are experiencing an active shift of our thinking framework from supplier-centered and product-oriented thinking to value-oriented thinking and encouraging the attitude of creating the values that customers seek.

In addition, we are committed to expanding our business boundary to the product fields which one would have thought about, so that we contribute to create customer values in the respect of ‘Save, Safe, and Comfort’ by meeting the demands of the times.

Furthermore, we have been establishing a knowledge-oriented business platform, not facility-or capital-oriented, to prepare ourselves for the increasing market in neighboring countries day by day. On the other hand, we have sought to diversify value-added sources while advancing from the domestic market to the overseas market.

We deeply recognize that we must make constant improvement to survive in this rapidly changing environment, so we promise you all that we will strive to improve ourselves everyday. Keep watching us as we show the world what we can achieve.

Thank you.