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01. Overview

Nonflammable ceiling tile Byucksan Bio Astex is the mixture of the inorganic material (ex. gypsum & cement etc.) and the far infrared radiation ceramic.
It radiates Bio far-infrared radiation so helps to the human body function. In addition, because of its easy installation & cost effectiveness, it's the best popular product for the office of buildings or stores. Try to create more beautiful ceiling than before by Byucksan Bio Astex.


02. Features

  • Nonflammability

    Since inorganic materials are used, Astex is nonflammable and produces less toxic gas in case of fire.

  • Lightweight

    It is lightweight and suitable for ceilings and interior materials. It is shock-resistant.

  • Processability

    It is possible to cut with saws or planes like wood. It can be installed easily with nails.
    Also, it can be easily painted and glued.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Astex is economical due to its high strength,
    less damage or loss during installation, and reasonable price.

  • Healthiness

    It helps activation of human body functions
    by emitting far infrared radiation.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    This ceiling tile is highly resistant to corrosion.
    It has no damage from rats, ants, and insects.
    It does not get moldy.

03. Prodect Property

Physical Properties(KSL 5509)
Moisture Movement Bending Breaking Load Water Content Rate
1.5 or less 0.2 or less 137.3 or more 15 or less
Noncombustible Material(KS F ISO 1182, KSF 2271)

04. Product Category

Division Thickness
X length
Length Permissible
Standard Board
Perforated Board
6 ± 0.4 300X600 0, -3
Package Unit and Delivery Quantity
Package Unit Delivery Quantity
18PCS 5Ton : 312~390 Box 18Ton : 780~936 Box

Offices in ordinary buildings or skyscrapers, factories, business centers, apartments, hospitals, schools, hotels

Kitchens, bathrooms, underground parking lots, subway stations, underground passages, spinning mills, textile factories, electronics factories, and other places where heat and moisture should be avoided.

Installation Drawing