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01. Overview

Byucksan Eztone is a mineral wool sound absorption ceiling tile that can install directly on lightweight steel.
Unlike traditional methods, this ceiling tile is installed directly on lightweight steel in a screwing or mailing method. This helps to reduce the cost of materials and shorten the construction schedule. The use of mineral wool causes no harm to the human body, provides a high sound absorption and nonflammability, and ensures easy handling during installation.


02. Features

  • Direct finishing without furring is economical and convenient.

    As it is installed directly on the lightweight steel support material without gypsum board furring, it is easy to observe the inside of the ceiling and it is convenient and economical as time and expenses for the construction are reduced.

  • Excellent insulation reduces energy.

    As heat resistance, a scale for insulation effects is higher as 3 times as gypsum board, it saves energy and creates a pleasant indoor environment.

  • It is always quiet because of excellent sound absorption.

    Eztone made of Mineral wool which boasts excellent sound absorption creates a quiet and pleasant environment by inhibiting indoor echoes and outdoor noises.

  • It is easy to handle as they are lightweight.

    The density of Eztone is less than 500kg/㎥.
    It is easy to handle as they are lightweight.
    It reduces load of a building.

  • Eco-friendly product!

    Eztone is a eco-friendly product.
    It acquired a certificate of the environmental mark from the Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute and a certificate of
    eco-friendly construction material from the
    Korea Air Cleaning Association.

  • Simple installation method with consecutive installation

    Consecutive installation is possible with turbo drivers or tacker guns, which is simpler than existing installation method.

  • Nonflammability prevents expansion of fire.

    It is a nonflammable ceiling material which complies with Korea Industrial Standard Size
    KS F ISO 1182 (Nonflammability test) and
    KS F 2271 Standard Size (Gas toxic test).
    It has excellent effects to prevent fire expansion in case of fire indoors.

03. Product Property

Item Unit Standard Size according to KS L 9105
Density kg/㎥ 500 or less
Water Content 3.0 or less
Bending Failure Load N 60 or more
Thermal Resistance ㎡· K/W 0.19 or more
Average Sound Absorption NRC 0.41~0.60
Incombustibility -- Nonflammable
Squareness -- 1/1,000 or less
(after cutting side)

04. Variety of Products

M-Bar System
  • SF-1200

    Dimensions : 12×300×600㎜ (Chamfer)

    Packing : 18pcs

Products Installation drawing