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01. Overview

Byucksan Baritone Panel is impregnated in the resins with dozens of natural Kraft sheets and UV coating sheets, laminated and compressed at a high temperature.
It has high durability and strength. The surface consists of UV coated section, which is strong for discoloring, bleaching and UV-ray. It has excellent weatherproof.
It is more convenient to maintain and manage this product than any other exterior materials.


02. Product Features

  • Design

    It is possible to express various patterns with natural textures and clear colors.

  • Lightweight

    The weight is less than 13kg per ㎡. It is possible to save structure costs of a building.

  • Stability

    It is produced with high temperature press It hardly contracts or expands after installation.

  • Maximum Size

    It is possible to produce up to 1,300 X 4.900mm.

  • Durability

    Excellent shock-resistance and low Water absorption under 1.0% - very high strength

  • Weatherproof

    Weatherproof exterior materials cause no damage or corrosion on the surface.

  • Convenience

    Easy to clean the surface after installation and little surface pollution.

  • Eco-Friendly

    It is an eco-friendly product in consideration of nature and humans.

03. Products Property

Item Unit Detailed Standard Test Method
Density g/㎤ 1.40 or more KS F 3200
Bending Strength
N/㎟ 100 or more KS F 3200
Sealing Strength
N/㎟(MPa) 70 or more KS M ISO 527-2
Bending Strength
with Moisture
N/㎟ 100 or more KS F 3200
Bending Destruction
N 4,000 or more KS F 3200
Water Absorption % 1.0 or less KS F 3200
Absorption Length
Change Rate
% 0.2 or less KS F 3200
Absorption Thickness
Expansion Rate
% 0.5 or less KS F 3200
Shock-Resistance - Must not crack or
Detachment on surface
KS F 3200
(red crayon)
- All right
(Standard gray color
chart Ⅲ or less)
KS F 3200
Acid-Resistance - All right KS F 3200
Alkali-Resistance - All right KS F 3200
Weatherproof Gray scale Gray scale 4 or more ISO 4892-2
Formaldehyde Emission mg/L Aveg. 0.2 or less KS F 3200

04. Product Category

Products Features

Byucksan Baritone Panel has low Water absorption (under 1.0%).
Baritone panel is very easy to maintain by just Wiping off the surface in case which is polluted by dust.

Products Standard
Thickness(mm) Size(Width x Length) Pattern
8T / 10T 1,300 x 2,450㎜ Wood / Solid / Abstract
1,300 x 4,900㎜
Products Pattern

Examples of Installation
Jeonnong Day Care Center
Jeju Venture Center
The main entrance at Suwon Gwonseon Hyudai I-Park
Haegong Library in Gandong Gu
The register office of Shinjeong-dong