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01. Overview

Byucksan Deluxe Tile is an economical and practical PVC type Floor system. It is neat. It has various patterns and colors. Also, its quality makes a soft and cozy atmosphere. In addition, its surface is tight and it does not wear out easily so it remains the same all the time.


02. Product Features

  • Great wear resistance and durability
  • Economical and practical
  • When the surface is worn out, marble patterns remain.
  • After installation, it is easy to maintain the product.

03. Products Applications

  • For educational facilities: lecture room, auditorium, library, laboratory, lounge, seminar room
  • For commercial facilities: business use bldg., department store, place of entertainment & restaurant,
    chain stores
  • For medical facilities and so on: patient's room, all sorts of hallway

Dimensions & Packing Unit

Thickness Width x Length Packing Unit
2mm 300mmX300mm 55sheet/Box(4.95m2)
3mm 300mmX300mm 37sheet/Box(3.33m2)
450mmX450mm 16sheet/Box(3.24m2)

04. Physical Properties

Physical Properties (KS M 3802 Composition Vinyl Floor tile, Semi-hard)

Item KS Standards
Thickness(mm) 2 ± 0.15 (Tolerance)
Width x Length(mm) 300X300 ±0.1 (Tolerance, %)
Indentation Amount(mm) 20℃ 0.15 or less
45℃ 0.8 or more
Remained Indentation Percentage(%) 8.0 or more
Length change rate caused by Heating(%) 0.2 or more
Length change rate caused by
Water Absorption(%)
0.2 or more
Heat Reduction Rate(%) 0.5 or more
Scratching Test The width of flaw must be 3.1mm or less.
Pollution There should be no noticeable change in
color or gloss and no swelling.

05. Variety of Products

Deluxe Tile
■ Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, size: 300mm x 300mm

Variety of Products
■ Thickness: 3mm, size: 450mm x 450mm