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01. Overview

Byucksan Jinmaru has been developed as a flooring board product suitable for Korean traditional floor-heating 
system. This high-quality flooring tile preserves the natural texture of the wood creating a neat and comfortable room atmosphere all the year round.
(1) Composition: Class 1 waterproof plywood (5-ply), patterned wood, urethane UV coating


02. Product Features

  • Jinmaru is an eco-friendly floor tile suitable for Korea’s unique floor-heating system.
  • The optimal wood selected for this product creates beautiful patterns and color tones.
  • Special urethane UV coating ensures excellent durability and stability from moisture or heat.

03. Products Applications

  • Living room, kitchen and bedroom in apartments
  • Verandas

04. Products Dimension

  • 7.5mm(T) X 75mm(W) X 900mm(L), Top Layer Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Cross Section

05. Variety of Products