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01. Overview

Iso Pink is a high-quality organic insulation that provides an excellent thermal insulation effect and various compression strengths. It is produced and offered in
two types: vacuum- extruded polystyrene foam insulation and gigh- pressure extruded polustyrene foam insulation.


02. Features & Applications

  • Insulation

    Iso Pink produced with the method of evacuate extrusion has the lowest thermal conductivity because carbon fluoride of the lowest thermal conductivity is filled in the fine independent bubble structure.

  • Self-fire Extinguishing Capability

    It has self-fire extinguishing capability when the flame is removed. However, as it is not nonflammable material, be cautious about high temperatures when stored and used.

  • Various Compression Strength

    Iso pink with independent bubble structures
    has a wide range of compression strength from 1.0kgf/cm² to 5.0kgf/㎠. Thus, products with appropriate compression strength may be selected and used depending on the constructing objects. The range of choice is wider than any other products, so it can be used for special parts such as rooftop, parking lot floor, runway, highway and refrigerant storage floor.

  • Easy Installation and Processing

    Isopink made of polystyrene, a pure high-molecular materials undergoes no corrosion and no decomposition and causes no sanitary problems because of very unfavorable conditions for mold, fungi and insects.

  • Moisture Resistance and Durability

    Unlike other insulations produced in Korea,
    this product provides a series of independent fine cell structures that prevent the penetration of moisture or water and ensures
    "no water/moisture absorption." (Since thermal conductivity of water is 0.514 kcal/mh℃, in case an insulation absorbs water, it could be no longer said to be adiabatic materials.)

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Iso Pink uses polustyrene, a pure high-molecular weight substance, as its main material structure, so it undergoes no corrosion and no decomposition and causes no sanitary problems because of very unfavorable conditions for mold, fungi and insects.

For thermal insulation for rooftops or inner/outer walls of apartments and office buildings
Floors of sports centers such as ice rinks
Insulation of cold storage, freezer/refrigerator trucks
Insulation of cattle sheds/pigsties

03. Physical Property

Item Special
35 30 25 20
25 or more 18 or more 14 or more 10 or more
45 or more 35 or more
Thermal Conductivity(W/m · k)
0.027 or less 0.028 or less 0.029 or less 0.031 or less
Combustibility Combustion time should be within 120 seconds, combustion length under 60mm.
Resistance to
146 or more(thickness per 25mm) (ng/m2s Pa)

04. Product Category

Standard Sizes
Thickness 10 15 20
80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 140 145 150 155 160
Thickness Tolerance ±2 ±3 Made to order
Width 35kg/m³
900 1000
900 -
Length All 1800 ~ 2800 (per 10mm)
Length, Width
Length: less than 1000 +10-0,
1000 or more +15-0,
2000 or more +20-0
Width: less than 1,000 +10,-0

Board Type
Density Thickness Width Length Sheet/ 40'HI CUBIC CONTAINER
20~35 25 0.9 1.8 1,440 PCS
20~35 30 0.9 1.8 980 PCS
20~35 40 0.9 1.8 900 PCS
20~35 50 0.9 1.8 720 PCS
As for the number of packing sheets for other dimensions besides above, a special request is required.