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01. Overview

Byucksan T- Max is eco- friendly Polyester Sound Absorption Insulation tile and doesn't expel Vocs, formaldehyde. It is possible to graft to the construct
or industry's market variously(ex. sound-absorbing walls, interior sound absorption finishing material, car interior material, exterior panel etc.). It's the material that can make non-air pollution environment.


02. Features

  • Vocs and formaldehyde are not generated.
  • It has superb sound Absorption and insulation.
  • It is possible to recycle and to burn.
  • It is flame resistant (self-fire extinguishing), no toxic gases are not generated during combustion.
  • Drainage and safety of types are superb and it is semi-permanent.
Sound absorption and insulation for Walls, ceilings, floors of buildings
Finishing materials for sound absorption in theaters, conference rooms, lecture halls, gyms, churches, etc.
Fillers for the lightweight dividers and studs
Sound absorption sound proof materials for soundproof walls on railways and roads,
Soundproof and thermal materials in machinery rooms and conditioning rooms
Apartment's dew condensation Prevention Material / Floor noise damping Material
Anti-sweating thermal insulation and floor noise reducing materials in apartment buildings

03. Product Category

Variety of Products
Classification T-MAX
(Soft Type)
T- Board & Art Board
(Hard Type)
Density (Kg/㎥) 24 ~ 80 80 ~ 400 Various sizes
and colors are
available upon
your request.
Thickness (mm) 10 ~ 100 5 ~ 25
Width (mm) 2,000 1,200
Length (mm) Order made 2,400
Types Plate/Roll Plate
  • High density polyester sound absorption insulation T-board& Art board
    Product infomration: T-board and Art board are the first interior sound absorption finishing materials of hard board types developed in the world.
    Spec: Density ⇒ 80~400(K) / Thickness ⇒ 5~25(T)
  • Polyester of embo-type, sound absorption insulation T-max Embo
    Product information: T-max Embo is embo-processed on its upper part and has excellent durability. With expansion of air space in the embo, this product has improved sound absorption, permeability and insulation.
    Spec: Density ⇒ 32~80(K) / Thickness ⇒ 10~100(T)
  • Dual-type polyester, sound absorption insulation T-max double
    Product information: As for T-max double, low density part has higher adhesiveness and high density part can be used to finish interior design.
    This is used as indoor sound absorption finishing materials.
    Spec: Density ⇒ 40~80(K) / Thickness ⇒ 10~100(T)
  • Closing polyester sound absorption insulation T-max net
    Product information: Net patterns are engraved on the surface of T-max double.
    This enhances sound absorption and it is possible to finish without the textile backing.
    Spec: Density ⇒ 40~80(K) / Thickness ⇒ 10~100(T)

T- Fabric is interior fabric with flame retardant.

Physical Properties
Classification T- MAX (Polyester)
Methods of Production Thermal Compression Bonding 100% of Polyester
(self-melting bond)
Materials Polyester Organic Substance
Noise Reduction
Thermal Conductivity
(W/m · K)
Density(kg/㎥) 10~400
Thickness(mm) 10~100
Heat Resistance
Sound Absorption Performance
  • Certified Institute: Instititute Certified by KOLAS
  • Test results: Sound Absorption Coefficient by Frequency
HZ Division 250 500 1000 2000 NRC Value
T-M4525 Sound
0.28 0.59 0.83 0.91 0.65
T-M4050 Sound
0.80 0.93 0.80 0.77 0.83

Measurement: KS F 2805 reverberation indoor sound absorption measurement

Performance of Flame - Resistant
  • Measurement Method: Enforcement decree related to installation, maintenance and safe management of
    Fire Protection System and McCulburner Act
  • Measured by: FITI Testing & Research Institute, Korea Fire Safety Association
    (Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation|)
Division Validity
(Interior Design
Test Result Remark
After Glow Time
within 10 0 Passed
After Flame Time
within 30 0
Area of
within 50 22.5
Length of
within 20 7.0