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01. Overview

Gypsum is appropriate for every light and dry construction method for walls, ceilings, and partitions. It's nonflammable, excellent Insulation, Sound Absorption interior material. It's good for the creation of beautiful & pleasant space.

CRC Board (Cellulose fiber Reinforced Cement) is the product made by mixing Cellulose fiber(natural pulp), Portland cement and silica etc. with water and pressurizing by 10 thousand tons and curing by an autoclave.
It's the 1st grade nonflammable construction material.
The changes of length caused by temperature differences rarely occur and waterproof & fire-resistant performances are great. It's the non-asbestos construction material.


02. Features

  • Fire-Proof

    As main component is the mineral Portland cement, it has excellent fire-proof.

  • Water Resistance

    Changes of length caused by moisture absorption rarely occur. With excellent waterproof, it can be applied to humid parts.

  • Mothproof

    Chemical resistance is high and it prevents invasion of harmful insects.

  • Shock-Resistance

    Portland cement and silica are main materials. Through autoclave curing, it is equipped with high strength and excellent shock-resistance.

  • Workability

    With the dry construction method, its installation is simple.

  • Processability

    The second process is possible with diverse construction methods and the utilization of the produce may increase.

  • Economical value

    Simple installation method reduces the construction time. The weight of products is relatively light so you can reduce the installation & construction costs.

  • Applicability

    Smoothness and waterproof are great and its density is high. Finishing is possible for paintings, wall papers, tile finishing, interior film attachment, etc.

Product Properties
Item Results
Bulk Specific Gravity 0.9 or more~1.4 or less
Bending Strength 13N/mm or more
Change rate of length caused by Water Absorption 0.15% or less
Thermal Conductivity 0.24 or less
Nonflammability Nonflammable(1st grade)

※ Physical Properties may vary depending on products.

Products Dimension
Dimensions 900x1800 900x2400 1200x2400 900x2700
3.2mm 7kg 9.5kg 12.5kg 10.5kg
4.5mm 10kg 13kg 18kg 15kg
6mm 13kg 17kg 24kg -
9mm 20kg 26kg 36kg -
12mm 26kg 35kg 48kg -
  • Other sizes can be produced upon request.
  • The weight is indicated for one sheet. This also may vary depending on products.